Smack a Fact

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Online, on TV, and in magazines, extreme couponers are making news because of the great deals that they get on everyday items. Imagine going to the store and, with the aid of coupons, paying only a dollar for a $100 order. Or getting so much money off your online purchases that you feel like they're paying you to shop. There are many ways to get these coupons, but not everyone knows the secrets to couponing success. Here are five ways to get coupons that will help you save a lot of cash.

1. Search Coupon Forums

There are many online resources for coupons, including sites giving away coupons for online stores and forums offering printable coupons for in-store purchases. One such place is Coupon Forum, a site where you can get printable coupons as well as trade physical coupons with other members. Have tons of baby food coupons but no baby? Try trading them here for coupons you'll use. Get great online coupons and codes at Retail Me Not, a site for people who prefer online shopping.

2. Write to Manufacturers

One way to get coupons for specific items, which often include high value coupons or even coupons for free items, is by writing to manufacturers. Have a favorite brand of baking mixes, for example? Try writing to Duncan Hines and letting them know how much you enjoy their product. Companies will often reward you with coupons for being a loyal customer.

3. Sign Up for Mailings

Larger conglomerate companies will often offer mailings with coupons that can be sent directly to your home, or emails with printable coupons. These larger companies usually have a wide variety of products and offer many coupons at once. These coupons are manufacturers' coupons and are accepted at all major stores. Try signing up for the newsletter for P&G Everyday and watch the coupons roll in.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, there are plenty of apps that allow you to get coupons sent directly to your phone. These apps can be for multiple stores, such as Retale, which offers flyers with clippable coupons good for redemption at many local stores, or individual stores such as Target or Walmart. Often these coupons do not need to be printed, as stores can scan them right off your phone.

5. Ask Recyclers to Save Inserts

This one might take knowing someone who works at a recycling center, but newspaper distributors will sometimes recycle the week's leftover inserts. If you can make a connection, ask your friend to save extra inserts for you. Duplicate coupons means extra savings.

Following these tips will get you well on your way to being that extreme couponer, with little extra effort. Start saving money today with couponing!